AMG Executive Equipment Line

This fine Mercedes S Class is in Magnetic Black and Complimented with Black Napa Leather to Compliment Any Wedding Dress and with Panoramic Glass Roof to allow Natural Light to Shine through.  

With the Executive equipment line, rear passengers can enjoy long journeys in total relaxation. At the touch of a button, front and rear seats are electrically adjusted , and electrically operated blinds for the rear and side windows shield the occupants from direct sunlight. And with THERMOTRONIC luxury automatic climate control for the rear they enjoy even greater comfort, since temperature and air distribution can be individually adjusted for the left and right sides.
Luxury rear head restraints with an additional comfort cushion ensure the best possible seating comfort for the rear seats.

Rear vanity mirrors enable you to check your appearance before an important meeting or date, and the lighting can be adjusted to fit any mood.

Rear roller blinds provide complete privacy when required, and the backrest can be tilted to an angle of 37°. Its memory function enables effortless relaxation.